Sounds unlistened to

Out in the woods, I often pass this tree…


… and every time I try to imagine the sound it made when it broke. It must have been loud, it still seems to echo from the trees around – yet most likely no human ear heard it.

So many things out there we don’t hear. So many things out there we don’t see. So many things out there we don’t feel.

My new bag

Those of you who know me also know my bag:


It is a Freitag Top Cat and has been my constant companion for 13 years. It was a gift from the Freitag brothers, for writing a story about their bags for the stern. We have been inseparable for all this time. But… the buckles lost their grip, the velcro doesn’t stick anymore and – worst of all – there are creases in the tarp, leaking water inside when it rains too hard. The time has come to part….

So, for my birthday, my wonderful, wonderful friends put together for a new Top Cat. Today Martina and I went to the Freitag store downtown to pick it out. It was… love at first sight. Deep sea blue:

Freitag bag

I am so looking forward to all the exciting adventures we’ll have together!

Now, some might be wondering why I need such a huge bag. Well, for dance shoes, of course. For books. For bones. For… whatever.

Here are some of the things I ALWAYS carry around:


A compass my very first tango partner gave to me. So I’ll always find my way.


A finger rosary. Got this one at the Vatican. It’s my second one, the first one was a gift from a friend in Santa Fe. But I gave that one as a good luck charm to a friend who went off to war.


My „book of whatever“. For quotes and notes.


A Doc Ford custom flashlight. Randy Wayne White gave it to me. He insisted I always carry a flashlight – not only while biking across Sanibel in the dark, but wherever I go. I do, Randy, I do!

So… all these items now live in my new Top Cat.

And what happens to my old one? They sent it to Switzerland today. It will get new buckles, new velcro, and even the leaks will be repaired. Then I’ll get it back. All for free.

Here is their mail. Isn’t that awesome?

Hallo Angelika

Hier also wie versprochen die Zusammenfassung der gesammelten Infos zu deiner bevorstehenden F-Reparatur 00022594 zum Produkt F13 TOP CAT.
Nach der Reparatur schicken wir Dir Dein jetzt-wieder-wie-neues Produkt direkt an:
Angelika Franz<br>Finkenwerder Landscheideweg 211<br>21129 Hamburg<br>Germany

In der Zwischenzeit empfehlen wir Dir: geniess Deine Stadt, die Sonne, die Menschen, die Musik, das Essen, Dein Velo, Freunde & Verwandte, Literatur, Politik, Geschichte – kurz gesagt: das Leben selbst.

Adieu und bis bald
Deine F-Crew

Swimming with the eagles

As almost every day this summer, we were swimming in the Suederelbe this afternoon. It’s such a beautiful place. The surface of the water glitters golden in the sunlight, the thick vegetation on both sides of the river and the old, beaten up wicker chair on the deck make it look like some side arm of the Mississippi.

I was swimming along and looked up into the blue sky. And then I saw them: the three eagles. Parents and the young one, circling over the southern bank.

Of course I didn’t have my camera with me, because I was in the water. But that was a sight I will never forget.

This is the place: